Puff Hickson

The GENIUS… image 

imageA self-made-genius, Puff Hickson has always been passionate about learning. “I’ve always wanted to be a Jack of all trades AND a master of many,” she says. An avid reader, most of what she knows is due to her own exploration and research.

Artist | Engineer | Visionary | Entrepreneur | The Magic! | PuffHickson@gmail.com
Experience a journey through…Life, Love, Art and Inspiration!

imageBorn and raised in Spanish Harlem, NY. Puff as an artist with lyrics that are used like a weapon to teach and flame M.C.’s with her feverish delivery and poetic lyrics annihilate any competitor and devastate any one who wishes to possess the mic after her Magic has blessed it…

LARGE-BANNER-ANIMAAccomplishments include:
Puff Hickson best known as Puff The Magic* The Queen of Sheba” (an Original member of the HipHop group OFI. – Puff, Ces & Tiz) is an Entrepreneur who began her journey as a Dancer then an Artist in the late 80s. And has become a talented Recording Engineer and Photographer Puff’s musical affluence, taste, interest and knowledge spans across a world of genres. Puff has continued to enhance herself over the years. Also establishing a Multimedia/Recording Studio in since 2000 in addition to successfully launching an Indie Indie Record Label (Bread N Butta Entertainment)


imagePUFF’s words:
“I’m THE SELF MADE GENIUS!!! an Artist, Writer, Recording engineer & Photographer and so on, I See with my Mind and Listen with my Soul…”
When asked, Robot or Alien?
“…I prefer to communicate one on one that way you can ask and I will answer and eventually we will get to know each other better, I’m an Alien. lol”

Artist. Engineer. Visionary. Entrepreneur. The Magic! | PuffHickson@gmail.com

– The Movie –

A powerful and intimate portrait of Puff Hickson, the last remaining member of an all-female hip hop group from Spanish Harlem, as she encounters painful and difficult times while following her dream to make it in the music business and escape life in the ghetto. – by Monica Sharf.

SPiTT Media Inc. is a collective effort of skills and services provided to Motivate, Inspire, Consult and Excite!

NYC | ATL | FL | LA | SPiTTMEDiAiNC@gmail.com

SPiTT Videos | SPiTT Radio | SPiTT Films; has already began a revolution of change and growth through various forms of MultiMedia, TransMedia and it’s many tools and uses.

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